Thursday, September 17, 2009

three starts

A couple of weeks ago I finished reading Stephen King's book On Writing. I don't read too much King, but this book was good. Helpful in unexpected ways. For example, King writes about giving a first draft a chance to rest before you begin revising. Take a few weeks away from the project so that when you return, you're fresh. And during that time, resist the urge to pass a copy around to friends. You don't need back pats or criticism yet.

So I decided to try this. I'm still on the "letting it rest" part. I have one short story finished and another almost finished. First drafts, I mean. And I'm ready to return to the first short story to try revising.

For a moment, I couldn't remember the character's name from the first short story. Laine. As in Elaine. That might change yet. Anyway, when I put that one aside, I wanted to return to it the next day but decided not to. I didn't want to make it worse. Let it alone, quit picking at it. So I started up another story - one that I like very much and can imagine getting long and wandering and out of control - but I needed to leave that story until I could get some research done. So I began the third story and this is close to done.

I am still trying to decide what my book will be. In two of my short story (starts) I have found other stories I might want to tell. So perhaps a collections of related shorts might be a good idea. However, the middle start - the one I need to do some research for - could make an interesting novel.

Well, interesting to me.

Next week I'll focus on revising the Laine story and I'll post a paragraph or two to show my revisions. I am optimistic but that is likely because I am not in the middle of making sense of my first draft, trying to find even a single thread of good story.

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Sergio en Colombia said...

i am optimistic too! ;) can't wait to meet Laine...or her second incarnation.