Saturday, November 28, 2009

ten minutes

You can write a lot in ten minutes. That's how long I'll give myself to write this post.

(So now my mind is blank).

I started the story sparked by my dream. I went a couple of different directions with the idea and think I've found two or three characters I like enough to let talk. Tomorrow I'll carve some time to return to one of the starts and see where it leads.

Sadly, my writing has not been as consistent or focused during the last couple of weeks. I'm subbing for a sophomore English class and prep time and grading have eaten at my (near) daily writing habit. Instead of two or three pages of story at a stretch, I've been managing one or two. And somedays, none. Yesterday and today I've been antsy to sit down with my notebook - which means that tomorrow I will.

The subbing experience has taught me a few things. One: Teaching really can wear your creativity down. Or rather, I spend my creativity differently. My mind is busy, but not on my writing. Well, perhaps even that isn't entirely true. I do jot notes about story lines or characters. I think about the story I am telling, even if I don't have time to sit and write.

I take my writing time as it comes.

Today I listened to NPR's Selected Shorts and think that I'll load my iPod up with more. I want to hear how others tell a story.

But I'm still considering a novel for my Book in a Year project. You'd think I still had a year left. Perhaps I'm just waiting to meet the character who says Ten pages isn't enough. Thirty won't even get you halfway. Maddening.

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