Tuesday, November 3, 2009

wham bam

After feeling mopey and hindered, I sat down to write yesterday and just made myself do it. At the top of my page, I wrote:

1. A wife dreams her husband's affair and hates him for it

I didn't need a 2. I'll need to come up with a 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 eventually, but I didn't need to at that moment because I could write about that situation. So I wrote and it felt so good. I didn't overanalyze, I didn't stop to think too much. I even used the names that popped into my head first, Karla and Ian.

I was interrupted by the fire alarm which was directly above my writing desk. A horrible shock of adrenaline and I was scooping my baby up from her nap and down the apartment stairs. Nothing burned down. Someone was probably smoking in a stairwell.

I returned to the story this morning. Sometimes when I leave off, it's too easy to quit and start flailing around for another idea. I'd left off mid-sentence, something I hate doing. I reread "Karla sat down without saying anything. She took" and I wasn't sure what came next but again, I made myself write it. What came next was good. I concluded the draft and immediately typed it. It's short - less than five full pages typed - but it is by far more authentic than anything I've written in the last couple of months.

And for that alone, I am so very grateful. Just the little boost I needed to know that, yes, it is worth writing. I do have things to say and I can say them in an authentic voice.

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The Laughing Mouse said...

WEll done!!! MWAH!!! (off to work on my novel ... what in the world did I get myself into here?!?)