Wednesday, December 2, 2009

blogland wallflower

Okay. I had a rant going, but I deleted it. Lately, I've been struck by the narcissism of blogging. I started this blog to chronicle tackling a Book. But I didn't want to feel like I was writing in near isolation. In my mind I thought: I'll find an online writing community and we'll all be friends. I'll read yours, you'll read mine. We'll post comments and swap first drafts and do each other's hair.

Except that I'm a terrible bloggy friend. I don't read more than a dozen or so blogs and (I'll admit) a few of those I read only occasionally because I cannot fathom why they remain popular despite being packed with misspellings and exclamation points. No, I am not naming names. You probably read a few like that yourself. Sometimes I read a blog religiously for months and then forget about it for months. Sometimes I don't comment. I might have a comment, but I don't post it. Terrible, terrible bloggy friend.

But if I'm not going to go batty posting in isolation with a few stray comments from friends and family (much, much appreciated by the way, since otherwise I'd really feel silly posting anything on this site), I think I need to stalk some other writers and read their blogs. I'm a blogland wallflower but every now and then, I'd like a dance.

So to those of you that are reading (I think I know of three or four, officially), please, please keep reading. I will endeavor to become a better blogger with regular posts (maybe even a consistent two a week!?) and I will go find other writers in blogland and share their blogs here. I'm thinking campfire songs and s'mores.

P.S. Short story ideas continue to come. I'm still writing about the ten-years-later idea. I think this book might be a way to exorcise all of my past personal misgivings (because I have none in the present, right?), which means it will promptly be put in a shoebox under the bed.


The Laughing Mouse said...

maybe you could find some writer community groups on the nano website? Or a friend showed me Writer ... Interrupted. If you go to my profile on facebook you can scroll down a ways, kelly posted it asking if I'd ever seen the website. It appears to be primarily Christian in nature, (and I'm not sure what your writing 'slant' is) but it might give you some of the community you're looking for. I still haven't read any of your stuff .....

Sarah Marslender said...

I just posted on your blog! I'll check that out. Thanks!