Tuesday, December 22, 2009

early morning writing

By the light of Christmas lights.

I woke up with a couple of lines of story in my mind. One snippet of dialogue and an idea. I laid there thinking Remember this for the morning and then I remembered all the other times I said to myself Remember this for the morning because bed was toasty and eyelids were heavy. And what happened then? Too much was lost.

So I got up and turned on the Christmas lights and sat in bed with my notebook propped on a pillow while my husband slept. I knocked out three pages before getting to a big question and decided to leave What happens next? for another writing session. I laid back, closed my eyes and kept thinking about my new story.

Sometimes I get story ideas on top of one another and so I'm writing two or three (even four) stories at a time. I don't know that I really like that. That approach seems like it could lead to a lot of so-so work. But when an idea strikes, I'm also not too keen on saying Later. I've got something else to finish first. Perhaps these new ideas are telling me to hurry up and wrap up the story that has been draaaggging on and on and start something fresh. Or perhaps I just need a diversion so that I can get a break from thinking too much about one story.

I just finished my sub job and am antsy for January when I'll be more disciplined about my writing. Right now I'm traveling and with family for the holidays so writing time is here and there when I can grab it. I think that's fine. Every part of me is resting this break: the teaching part, the writing part, the running part. I am enjoying a rest. But my mind keeps waking me up with ideas.

Don't I love it, though.

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