Saturday, February 13, 2010


Teaching is demanding. Duh. So my writing life has been minimal. Other parts of my life are rather minimal as well, right now. Mostly the parts that I usually enjoy.

I am enjoying teaching, when I'm in the middle of a class. Usually.

But since this blog is about my Book Project and my writing in general, I need to be honest and say that I hate what teaching does to my time and my creative energy. I spent two hours today grading. Ick. After two hours of reading small cramped writing or sloppy loopy answers to quiz questions, I did not feel like picking up my own pen and scrawling my own ideas in a notebook. I settled on the couch and read a book that has nothing to do with anything I'm currently teaching. And then I took a nap. And then I graded another forty minutes or so.

I will make an effort not to whine about a decision that I made (going back to the classroom for a semester) because I'm sure that a. in the long run, this experience will be worthwhile (always keep eyes open for story ideas!), and b. whining isn't my most flattering tone.

Small steps: I need to make an effort to write each day. I fell off the thirty minutes a day but need to aim for that, at least. If nothing much is done for my stories, oh well. I have a long weekend coming up at the end of this month and a spring break in early April and my husband is the kind of understanding man who will take our daughter for a couple of long walks so I can work on my collection.

Since I'm usually zonked by four in the afternoon, my posts here will continue be sporadic. I will get there, I will get there, I will get there.

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