Sunday, May 26, 2013


Clearly did not make weekly posting a priority over the last two years.

And likely will not make it a priority this year.

Except that I do want a space to talk specifically about writing and my writing again. A lot of my thoughts (nearly all of my thoughts) land in my notebooks or float in the air of conversation, dropping to the ground when I get up to go to the other room.

I have decided to compile my essays. And my fiction. I can almost see the way the two pair: my personal essays are a window to the fiction I write, because most of my fiction is a play off what I am living or thinking about. (I don't always like that).

I started a list of essays that are done, essays that need further revision, essays in early early drafts, and essays I've yet to write. I did the same for my fiction pieces. I keep circling back to my work, making minor edits. I highlight what I might change and then let it sit for a later view.

A few years ago when I decided to Write A Book, I thought I'd hammer out an awful novel or slurry short fiction and say: did it. And then immediately do better. And better yet. I didn't write an awful book, but I did keep writing and that's the point; that is what brings me here, to this day when I can sort through my writing files and see that I have a good chunk of words on paper.

Part of me would like to keep filling my notebooks and taking pecks at revision because that is safer than asking for an audience. But I do want an audience. I want my writing to land.

I know nothing about finding and keeping a good editor, or sending pieces out, or seeking an agent, or actually publishing a book. But I do know about keeping a writing practice and generating new pieces. I like the work of it. And I'll learn the work of the rest too.

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