Monday, August 26, 2013

where I write

Most of my writing begins in my notebooks. I am a huge fan of writing by hand. I like to write my way through a notebook and then see my notebooks physically stack up. For nearly a decade I've been writing in Moleskine cashier journals with Pentel's RSVP fine-point black pens.

I am more a creature of habit than I thought. This summer when I bought a pack of blue pens too, my husband asked if I was okay.

I also write on my laptop. I often take story or essay starts from my notebooks and move them to a file, then continue on. Sometimes I write a complete piece in my notebook - or a piece I come back to over a couple of notebooks - and the typing serves as a second draft.

While I have a piece in progress, I work between the computer and my notebook. For example, I have a short fiction start on my laptop but wrote a chunk of dialogue for the next scene in my notebook yesterday. This afternoon, I opened my notebook and added that to my file, editing a little as I typed.