Tuesday, December 31, 2013

year end review

I wrote a lot!

At the start of the year, I took two online workshops and learned more about the craft of fiction and essay. I wrote more words each week than I had in years and finished the two months feeling a little lost, like what next? Hungry for more.

I tried new assignments and prompts. I'll post a couple of favorites soon.

I wrote through the summer - always a challenge with our yearly travel.

I transferred my honest journaling into honest essays. Lately I've been thinking about Oversharing versus Transparency. I want my essay pieces to be plain: this is me, this is what I think, this is what I don't know. I like writing essay pieces.


Which brings me to revision, which I've decided I love. I think through revision before going to the page. So before I open a file, I have ideas. And as mentioned in the last post, I'm learning to be vicious. Right now, I prefer revising fiction over essay. It's like it's more okay to be vicious with a character than with my own wobbly ideas.

I read a lot too. I'll post a few favorites soon. But what I've learned through years of this practice is that reading widely feeds my writing.

And this year I recommitted to writing a book. Thinking about finishing a book length collection makes me want to hide. Just saying I'll do that, especially after futzing around with writing for years and never submitting to any recognizable publication or carving out an online audience or even managing regular emails to friends and family - the Book Project seems like a reach. It is a reach.

I'll write more about humility and realistic expectations later. Just know I'm not dumb about how this might turn out.

Also know I'm having a great time meeting new characters. This year I drafted several new fiction pieces and returned to years-old stories. I love when an idea comes.

I also let a few ideas go before I got to the page, thinking: I'll remember that line. Then I didn't.

Maybe those lines will show up next year.

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