Sunday, January 26, 2014


I thought about what I said, about the process being less and less enough. That isn't true. The writing process remains primary. But I don't think I'm alone as a writer, calling herself a writer because she writes, in wanting readers.

As long as I hold my essays and fictions close, I won't have many readers.

I started a new blog to share my essay pieces. I just deleted that blog. So you see where I am: wanting what I don't even try to get.

I deleted that new blog because I cannot post what I want to post. I live and work in Kuwait and do not feel as free to express my ideas because I do not post anonymously. I have a couple options for sharing then: I can create a password protected blog or start sending my work out to other online and print publications. Or both.

Or I could start a blog and share my easy and hard essays and leave it at that. I am not interested in curating my image at the expense of honesty. I think that comes out clearly in my work, especially as I wade into my faith, applied.

Let me think what to do.

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